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Baltarstar Lauratica

A Roslin/Baltar Fan Community

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Welcome to gofrak_yourself, a community for Laura Roslin and Gauis Baltar fans. Any fanfic, icon, fanart, or topics relating to the relationship and interactions between Roslin and Baltar are welcome.

Please take some time to look over the guidelines for this community before posting.

1. Fanworks do not necessarily have to revolve around a romantic/sexual relationship between Laura Roslin and Gauis Baltar. So long as there is significant interaction between the two characters, it will be welcomed here. Fanfic based in canon is encouraged just as much as pure smut and crack!fic.

When posting long entries, images larger wider than 450 pixels, or anything NSFW, please use an LJ cut. Teasers for icon posts are fine, but no more than 4 icons outside an LJ cut.

2. Spoiler warnings and LJ cuts are necessary for any posts pertaining to any events that occurred in season four (4.0 and 4.5). Anything in the show that occurred during season three or earlier is fair game.

3. Proper warnings must be given in the header for any fanwork that deals with issues such as non-con, dub-con, rape, main character deaths, or for violence that exceeds what was seen on the show.

4. No flaming or personal attacks.